Sampdoria, on Monday the assembly for Romei’s budget and position: Ferrero postpones? | A league

The hearing relating to the alleged distraction of funds from the Sampdoria, the blucerchiato president Massimo Ferrero Monday will be called to another rather important task. At 2 pm in Rome, at the registered office of the parent company Sport Spettacolo, it is scheduled for the first call the Sampdoria Shareholders’ Meeting.

The agenda, he writes The 19th century, is that of to approve the -13 million of the 2019 budget. Ferrero’s choices in recent times, however, seem all aimed at taking as much time as possible. Viperetta could therefore postpone the meeting to the second call, possibly scheduled for Friday 10 July. During the meeting, moreover, Ferrero should appoint the new Sampdoria board and clarify the position of Romei.

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