Sampmania: Rome-Sampdoria is an afternoon in an ice cream shop when you are on a diet | A league

A few months ago I started a sort of ‘diet’. Nothing extreme, it is simply a question of limiting various sweets and crap. Yesterday afternoon I accompanied a friend to the ice cream shop. He took an extraordinary creamy cone and hazelnut semifreddo, something to cry about. I nothing, I just breathed the perfume inside the shop. Here, seeing Roma-Sampdoria was a bit like accompanying a friend to an ice cream shop when you are on a diet. Sniff, sniff, you fill your mouth and nostrils with that sugary taste that hovers in the air, but in the end you don’t eat anything and you get nervous. The difference is that I can avoid entering the pastry shops and places of temptation, Sampdoria not.

For almost an hour of play, I savored the idea of ​​sinking into a bowl of salvation-flavored ice cream. When the game is over though, all I have left is regret, and a latent feeling of widespread dissatisfaction and disappointment. The Doria that took the field at the Olimpico was very different than the one that approached Inter: a decidedly more toned team, more convinced and orderly. The game was enjoyable, with more occasions than Roma, but Samp also responded to the Giallorossi chances thanks to a couple of shots that could have virtually given the capital team a definitive blow. Nevertheless, I continue to consider this league as fake and this football simply a surrogate of the real ball, but it’s another matter.

However, the big gift of Fonseca’s formation in Gabbiadini, who also put a very difficult ball inside considering the position from which he kicked, had directed the race on the best possible tracks. In the first half Audero had parried all the parables, the intervention on Dzeko for example had been applause, but more generally the whole Blucerchiato line-up had seemed well balanced and shrewd. Tonelli and Yoshida integrated much better than the couple formed by the Japanese and Colley, the trio composed of Ekdal, Linetty and Thorsby it guaranteed greater thickness in the midfield, and Jankto seemed to have returned to the wings of Udine while Depaoli confirmed itself perhaps as the only spot-on purchase of the summer session. Gabbiadini forward, moreover, has much more weight than the bewildered La Gumina of Milan.

And then? Then what is the main structural defect of the Blucerchiata team came to the surface, that is, the total absence of height alternatives among the players on the bench. You cannot play ninety minutes three times a week with eleven to twelve staff, considering also that the immovable of them already for one reason or another do not have the ability to withstand the entire arc of the race. Samp always lasts a long time, maybe something more. It is now a constant. Usually he starts at very low laps and goes up in the second half, this time he tried the sprint start but halfway he went to the reserve, and after an hour he ran out of gas. Result? All on foot to push. In the end, the difference is all there. Roma put Pellegrini in and relies on the blow of his most representative element, Ranieri turns to the bench and tries to ‘make some mess’. We’ve all heard the statement pinched by microphones, and I think it’s explanatory. Luckily, the championship round was propitious, otherwise yesterday’s would have been a terrible Wednesday evening in terms of morale and ranking.

The two plays of Dzeko were great footballer, it seems obvious to me, but the third category carelessness of the power plant duo on the occasion of the second goal it is the perfect synthesis of the average concentration level of the team. It was not Colley or Thorsby who made the mistake, but two boys aged thirty and over with hundreds and hundreds of professional games behind them. Two from which you do not expect such carelessness. I read many also point to Audero among the culprits on the two opposing goals, honestly I’m not so sure I can attribute responsibility to the goalkeeper details in such circumstances. Could trying to exit there? I don’t know, maybe yes, maybe no, but I think 80% of the goalkeepers would probably have relied on the experience of players like Yoshida and Tonelli, called to never let that ball go.

I don’t even agree with those who accuse Ranieri of wrong exchange management, also because, I repeat, It is difficult to make decisions when there are simply no alternatives to choose from. By dint of reiterating that the Sampdoria championship starts today, on the 28th day, we are convinced of it. But now let’s hope that it is seriously so. I think that the formations fielded by the coach between last weekend and yesterday were all calibrated on Sampdoria-Bologna on Sunday. Here, there will be no drop in voltage. This probably even diehard optimists will have to admit it, willingly or not. For my part, I will no longer go to ice cream shops, patisseries or various bakeries, however Samp a little ice cream will have to make us eat it, after so much … suffering, swallowed up to today.


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