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Like every year, the Sampdoria paws waiting to be able to move in. The rhyme of ‘before the sales’ has now penetrated the minds of the fans, instilled at every occasion by more or less official bodies of the club, sown in every possible interview given by various managers. It now seems inevitable to think in this way, indeed, it even seems impossible to contemplate another strategy. Yet several other Serie A teams don’t seem to think that way. Let’s forget the big names, let’s take the various Cagliari, Fiorentina, Parma, Turin, Sassuolo and Genoa itself. Beyond the loans, they have not yet divested any of the property players, but they have already started operating. I don’t have enough space to analyze all the transactions in depth, so I’ll just give you a few names: Marin, Amrabat, Perez from Atletico Madrid, Perin, Schiappacasse, Linetty and Rodriguez are among the new faces of the aforementioned teams. They will definitely let someone go in the future, but without that atavistic necessity that seems to oblige Sampdoria to realize the sales first, and then struggle with the balances when the session is winding down. Even because showing up with an empty cart at closing time is never a great idea. Have you ever tried to go to the fruit market at noon? You know what I’m talking about.

When Ferrero says: “Look around you. From Juventus to Rome, to Inter, there is no big player that is buying ” is obviously wrong target or, optionally, is trying to shift the focus of attention to a different target from that of Sampdoria. Juventus, Roma and Inter do not buy because, first of all, improving the current squads is not easy. It takes targeted grafts, players who move tens and tens of millions between salaries, agents and the price tag, and basically these are players that the companies they belong to do not want to let go, or at least are willing to monetize. The fact that the top clubs are not closing does not mean that they are all waiting to cash out: the high-end teams simply move differently. That cannot be the term of comparison for Doria, it would be more credible to compare with Turin, Sassuolo and Genoa. Then the fact that the post-Covid market is affected by the bursting of the valuation bubble and the liquidity difficulties of some companies is undeniable. But from there to pass how the only possible strategy is that of Sampdoria, transforming into normality what is not normality, it passes.

For days, another indication of the company has filtered out, namely that of put on the market half pink or almost, considering the various Jankto, Vieira, Bereszynski and Murru as redundant, in addition to the already virtually sold Murillo and Colley. In the same interview cited above, Ferrero said two other rather significant things. The first: “Football is not like rugby: it is played in eleven and we need to thin out first”. True, but it is certainly curious to state this in the year of the five replacements, especially considering that in several matches last season the Sampdoria squad, presented as immense and chaotic today, barely guaranteed eleven starters. To pass an obvious budgetary need as a technical choice is shrewd, but not so original. It is a hackneyed film. Certainly some departments are poorly built, see the defense, where the central players are seven for two shirts, but in other roles the players are numerically correct and calibrated, for example in midfield. More or less everyone played here last year, without exception, and there was also an extra Linetty.

The second statement that should be underlined is the following: “A striker and a midfielder, then the backbone of the team is there“. It is an acceptable statement, but conditioned by the context. If the squad remained the current one, with at least a couple of sacrifices in defense, we could be satisfied with two purchases of this type. Conversely, if the ‘sine qua non’ condition for buying is to let the aforementioned players leave, the premises change quite a bit. The Murru and the Bereszynski, for example, although returning from a negative year, are potentially holders. If they left, Ranieri would need at least two more, one if Sampdoria decided to confirm Regini left-back as Augello’s reserve. A sale of Jankto instead it would mean having to look for a left-handed side that can be used immediately, since the Czech in 2019-2020 totaled 31 appearances and 2,191 minutes between the championship and the Cup. Jankto can be reviewed, ruffled, whatever you want, but for Ranieri it is in all respects a first choice. Incidentally, with the Testaccio coach at the helm of the team, Jankto has been on the bench only three times. And let’s not talk about the possible farewell of Ramirez or Gabbiadini. These are possibilities that I do not even want to consider.

Well, if these are the disposals planned by Ferrero, the Dorian market program seems to me rather incomplete and confused. If four / six pawns belonging to the ‘big group’ leave, how can you think of considering the skeleton of the team ‘ready’ by grafting two pieces, however good quality? You understand well that the balance does not remain in equilibrium, no matter how many and which linguistic turns are attempted. All the more so if you take into account the fact that the market this summer will not last three months, but 35 days: the gong is set for 5 October. Furthermore, in the past sessions we have been accustomed to frantic maneuvers concentrated in the last seventy-two hours. Yes, but this year the season begins on 20 September and on 26 September, in just over two weeks, Benevento will arrive in Marassi in what is already a real battle not to be mistaken. I would be curious to know the opinion of Ranieri, who some time ago asked his president for some ‘gifts’. I speak from experience, if you wake up late, you will find very little quality merchandise on the shelves.


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