Sassuolomania: Sassuolomagia, Boga incedible and on the bench | A league

Let’s start with a paradox? gladly: De Zerbi at the end of Bologna-Sassuolo (1-2) said that it was one of the best races of his management. Where is the paradox? On the bench, Boga sitting on the bench until the 65th.

It is not a provocation. Is that we do not even notice it anymore of these absurd and extraordinary things that happen, for example, that Sassuolo can win and convince Dall’Ara without deploying its spearhead from the first minute, the object of desire for half Serie A. Boga remains the phenomenon you know, nothing special happened. Yet while Sassuolo drew the best football against such a strong and fit team, a “sister” team (as De Zerbi called it on Sky’s microphones), a competitor, nobody seemed to be missing something. IS this is magic, not a blasphemy. A small, great magic.

Haraslin played in place of Boga, and Haraslin, the second from the starting, scored the goal of doubling neroverde, his first in Serie A. I liked that desire there to go on a slip, on a dirty ball in the center of the area. It is a goal that brings about a difference, something alternative to Boga that is doing good for the team. There are not only great goals, it is not always the time to tunnel. Sometimes you need to throw it in with your heart, you need to protect the ball, take a foul, pass it easily. In short, Haraslin makes us catch his breath. And it’s a false truce, for us and especially for the full backs who expect Boga and instead find a little guy to discover. With his personal baggage of blows and taps (see the shot from the limit in the first half).

But the Boga-Haraslin relay is just one of many that we could mention. Can you tell me who is the owner in Djuricic and Defrel at this point in the championship? Have you noticed that Djuricic was disqualified for the sum of yellow cards against Bologna? No? Of course, the French seen after the lockdown and in particular at Dall’Ara he is a sensational player; has entered almost all the dangerous actions of Sassuolo, including those of goals. It was just amazing on Wednesday night. Nonetheless, we are all in love with Djuricic. And so on, for almost all roles: missing Obiang injured? Let’s rediscover Magnanelli the captain. Don’t Kyriakopoulos play? Rogerio it is exceeded. Is Ferrari resting? Peluso proves to be still a great gentleman. The nice thing is that we notice their strength only when they play, when they are called into question. Basically we never fail. In fact, if they are on the bench we forget them, victims of a spell, we are kidnapped by the magic of the game.

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