Sassuolomania: the big players enter and the Verona revelation collapses. What are you doing in front of Sassuolo? | A league

So Verona was this, the revelation team of the tournament. They have 39 points Juric’s men, like Parma. And Cagliari has 38, now Bologna 37. Finally Sassuolo comes in twelfth at 34. There is something wrong. Without taking anything away from competitors, the neroverdi are stronger. But they stay below.

Sassuolo made 68% of the ball against Hellas. 13 total shots against 6. 8 scoring chances against 3. The goalkeeper Silvestri was the undisputed protagonist of the second half despite suffering 3 goals. Which we certainly cannot say about Tips. The Scaligeri played with 71% accuracy in passes, Sassuolo 86%. De Zerbi’s team managed to complete 497 passes, Hellas only 182. In addition the neroverdi gave a goal: the third, that of Pessina (who so far had not even heard …). And they were frivolous about Stepinski’s doubling (Peluso!). The one to zero, however, could be taken. In short, if this Verona is a team that dreams of Europe, what should Sassuolo do? Haven’t you seen the pink difference?

When De Zerbi began to throw in the owners, Verona turned out to be clearly and gradually inferior. But alas he was already ahead of two goals. therefore the venture was remedied. This in fact left another punticino to the neroverdi. They are two in three games. Little steps. To look at it now was a nice meat grinder, Atalanta, Inter and Verona: three beautiful teams that are physically demanding. Another rose came out with broken bones, and maybe zero points. The strongest, Conte’s Inter and the championship revelation. There are two draws and one defeat, yes, but there is much more inside.

The shift is real, planned with criteria and trust. Elsewhere, the credibility of turnover is much lower, the need prevails. Having said that, however, there are differences. When he entered yesterday Boga, no matter how well Haraslin had done (at first as the owner, as I had announced), he felt. And paradoxically I saw an even more sensitive gear change when Traorè and – above all – entered Chiriches and Obiang. De Zerbi had many aces up his sleeve, Juric only of reservations: Pazzini, Badu etc … The best Verona played for a time against Sassuolo’s B team, ended up ahead at the start of the second half thanks to a series of neroverdi puddles, then collapsed in front of the luxury changes of the Emilian club .

In this new scenario -Sassuolo plays Wednesday night at Artemio Franchi- it no longer makes sense to contest the turnover. We have to live with it in the awareness that we are much luckier than others. The emergency must empower the whole squad, and it’s nice to see the coach’s trust put into effect. Give possibilities, give minutes, involve. This is a new football for this too. Force players grow, maybe we grow a little too.

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