Serie A, Lega assembly at the start: it is decided for TV rights, two offers on the table | A league

The Lega Serie A assembly starts, in which the future will be decided in relation to TV rights. All the clubs present, you learn from a note Handle:

The Serie A League decides on its future. In fact, the meeting in which the 20 clubs will vote whether or not to accept the offer of private equity funds, interested in the Lega media company that will be created for the management of TV and commercial rights, has begun in a hotel in the center of Milan. According to rumors, there are two offers on the table that arrived in Serie A, both for 10% of the new media company: on the one hand that of the trio CVC, Advent and Fsi worth 1.625 billion, on the other that of the duo Bain-Nb Renaissance of 1.35 billion, both also with a mechanism of minimums guaranteed by 1.5 billion in annual revenues, albeit in different ways. Among the other proposals not related to the partnership, there are offers from some funds also linked to a single loan from the League. All 20 Serie A clubs were present at the meeting, including the newly promoted Benevento, Crotone and Spezia. To accept the offer from private equity funds, the clubs will need a positive vote of 2/3, or 14 votes in favor.

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