Setti: ‘Kumbulla to Inter? We are waiting for the Europa League final, but he can stay another year in Verona ‘| Market

Maurizio Setti talks about the future of the defender Kumbulla. The president of Hellas Verona he stated in an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport: “Are Inter ahead for Kumbulla? Let’s say we are waiting for the end of Europa League, this is true. But there are also other top-tier clubs interested in Marash. In any case it cannot be ruled out a priori that Marash may stay another year in Verona “.

ON THE MARKET – “We will only intervene to insert useful names and not for buying media elements. We will build an adequate squad to strengthen Juric’s group, the budget will increase. Money is not wasted also because we have to understand how the public will behave in the stadiums and how the money coming from above will be distributed. Borini could it stay? We are negotiating with Fabio to whom we have made our proposal, we are waiting … Gunter, Pessina, Verre and Salcedo: who among these loans will we still see Verona in the jersey? It is difficult to unbalance at this time, even here you need to be patient “.

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