Sneijder regrets Yolanthe: ‘Fame, ego, money and lust. I was wrong so much, now he must be happy ‘PHOTO | A league

In a long interview granted to rtlboulevard in Holland the former Inter midfielder Wesley Sneijder he talked about his relationship now over with his beautiful ex-wife Yolanthe Cabau.

LUXURY AND POWER – “Over time everything got out of hand. I saw the pain and disbelief in her eyes, I could barely look at her. I was so wrong. Because? Fame, ego, money, power, lust. And it wasn’t just the holidays. It was also my temperament: I didn’t always treat Yo as he deserved. ”

DIVORCE? NO – “They say we didn’t go into divorce because it would cost me too much. And instead it’s not a question of money at all. I hope that one day we can go back to being a family. But I have little speaking rights on this. Because they make me happy, they made me happy for years. But Yolanthe also has the right to be. “

And the beautiful Yolanthe is enjoying her single life as her photos show that we show you in our gallery.

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