Suarez ever closer to Juve: a drastic cut to the Juventus share from the bookmakers | Market

Luis Suarez-Juventuyes, a wedding that has to be done. Betting analysts are increasingly convinced of this, as they have revised downward the share of a possible transfer to Turin of the Barcelona forward. A few days ago the move to the Bianconeri was given at 3.00, while now he pays 1.80 (by 5 October 2020). An evident drop in altitude which, explains agipronews, testifies to how Juventus are really close to the Uruguayan striker. If on the one hand there is talk of a pre-agreement reached with the Juventus management, on the other hand the 33-year-old has yet to negotiate the severance pay to free himself from Barcelona, ​​which is simultaneously focused on the Messi case. Meanwhile, considering the odds, the fans of the Old Lady can begin to dream of the stellar trident formed by Suarez, Dybala and Cristiano Ronaldo.

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