Tebas: ‘Messi and the lawyers made a mistake, he can leave in a year. We defended legality ‘| First page

Javier Tebas, president of the Liga, the Spanish football league, has its say on Lionel Messi, star of Barcelona who tried to leave the Blaugrana. These are the words of the number 1 of the Iberian championship al Corriere della Sera: “Mine was not a war against Messi. I would have done the same if it had been Pepito Perez or any other player in our league. As a league we had, we have a duty to defend legality, justice: contracts must be respected. Always. Whether your name is Messi or Pepito Perez. That’s all”.

SOLE WINNER? – “No, absolutely. Personally I think there was no battle with Messi and his entourage, I have a special esteem for Leo, I love him, he is the history of our football in the last 20 years: how could I have made war on him? I repeat: my intervention was aimed only at respecting the contracts. Then it is clear that being Leo involved, the story has assumed enormous media dimensions ”.

THE 700 MILLION CLAUSE – “Although his lawyers said otherwise, the contract was clear: one part was decontextualized, this led them to error. In the end, I’m happy with Messi’s decision to avoid legal conflicts. He will continue to play on the team of his life. I hope that relations will return to normal ”.

THE VALUE OF MESSI – “If he decides to leave in a year, it will be a shame, but he must not forget that from the 2014/15 season it was established that the league brand stood above the players and also the clubs. Only this is the way to guarantee profitability to the sector, in fact every day that passes the position of the Liga brand is consolidated. If in a year Leo will certainly leave? The contract allows it ”.

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