The resurgence of infections puts at risk the return of fans to the stadiums: is the FIGC hoping for October, everything in the hands of the Regions? | First page

The re-explosion of infections numerically similar to those of the month of May, when Italy came out of the lockdown and the most critical period of the emergency COVID-19, they cast more than a shadow over the possibility of a return – albeit gradual – of spectators to the stadiums. With the resumption of the Serie A championship set for next September 19th, it is now decidedly unlikely that fans will be able to partially return to occupying the stands of the Italian facilities.

THE FIGC HOPES IN OCTOBER – In the past few weeks, the Serie A League had approved a protocol with the proposal to obtain the opening of the stadiums up to 1/3 of the capacity, but by the Technical Scientific Committee of the Government, which has just addressed the decision to close all nightclubs on national soil until next 7 September and imposed the obligation of the mask from 6 to 6 in the nightlife venues, no signal arrived. The Football Association, by gathering the requests of professional clubs, which many revenues have lost in the past months with closed-door matches and others risk leaving them on the street with the start of the new season, hopes to be able to welcome the fans back in the weekend of 3/4 October, but today it is a decidedly optimistic hypothesis.

DO THE REGIONS DECIDE? In the latest decree aimed at sporting events, the possibility was granted for September to host up to 1000 spectators for outdoor events, 200 for those indoors, but the governors of the Regions are granted the derogation to allow more access. people for certain occasions. A possibility that Naples and Lazio, in retreat in the coming weeks in Abruzzo (Castel Di Sangro) and Trentino (Auronzo di Cadore), will exploit to have part of their fans in tow. The risk is to find yourself in sensationally different situations from one part of Italy to another, with the “sensitivity” of the regional president forced to choose independently between closed doors and more or less massive access to the stadiums. , with the sword of Damocles on his head to endanger the health of sportsmen and to distort the regularity of a championship.

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