Turrini to CM: ‘Mercedes is like Juve, it cannot lose. The Ferrari? Will win next year, like Inter ‘| First page

Dear Leo Turrini, well found in this pleasant place. To whom do we dedicate the first thought?
“To Alex Zanardi, of course. We’ve known each other since we were kids, I reporter from Emilia in the pits of Formula One and he from the Emilia aspiring driver who one day dreamed of driving Ferrari as a Grand Prix. He did not succeed, but on the other hand he contributed and still contributes to the best idea of ​​Italy that can be had. See, I believe Alex is the perfect testimonial of the country we would like. He is an evangelical character, in the sense that he has multiplied the talents he has received. I don’t know how the Odyssey that he is facing will end, but I know that his figure is one of the few capable of uniting a quarrelsome divided nation like ours, from politics to football. “

And perhaps it is not true that we came out of the pandemic better.
“No, but it was an illusion to think so. Then, of course, we can even consider returning to normality the fact that you are squabbling over a penalty or an offside. Maybe a bit more irony from everyone would be appreciated, but for many notoriously Ironia is a mountainous region of Bulgaria and therefore amen “.

After football, your Formula One is also coming back.
“Yes” and for drivers and machines, the impact with closed doors will be less significant in terms of results. In football, talking about the field factor made sense, in racing no, one hundred thousand fans didn’t help Ferrari win at Monza at all. Absolutely, the post-virus should not have any effect on the results of competitions “.

So Mercedes will come out again.
“Mercedes is like Juventus in our Serie A. It has the best organization, the most efficient structure, the strongest champion. I don’t see why he should lose. “

Maybe Lotito won’t agree.
“In his place, I wouldn’t agree either, but net of the Italian Cup, you can explain to me how Juve does after seeing them get four points back. However, it will be a good sprint and Lazio reminds me of Red Bull. He has the mental freshness of the challenger and in a certain sense has nothing to lose. However, wanting to insist on playing with the parallels, it is easier for Verstappen to beat Hamilton than Inzaghi to beat Sarri ”.

Some suspect that Lewis may be distracted by his commitment to fighting racial discrimination.
“I exclude it. Hamilton is exposing himself a lot in a sacrosanct battle and Mercedes has done very well to support him, painting the single-seater black. Just as I liked the writing Black Lives Matter on the shirts of the Premier League players. Moreover, for several years the aces of the ball have animated the UEFA campaign against racism. The sad thing, of which someone like Hamilton is well aware !, is that not even their goodwill has moved the imbeciles away from the stadiums. But it is right to insist. I’m with Hamilton, certainly not the new daddy Bernie Ecclestone. Knowing that the road ahead is still long ”.

Your Ferrari’s road to the championship also seems long.
“Ah, Ferrari is like my Inter. They will win next year. “

“Well, Conte has done the same path so far as Juve, only that he deservedly lost the two direct matches and it is no small difference! Put two draws and you’re in the balance. But it’s like saying that if my grandmother had wheels it would be a wheelbarrow, huh “.

Let’s hope the Rossa isn’t a wheelbarrow.
“In Maranello they are very cautious. I fear an uphill start and then I assure you that the Interviewer Binotto will struggle to manage the separated in the Vettel and Leclerc home. Other than CR7 and Dybala. But we’ll talk about it again. “

by Daniela Bertoni

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