TV rights: Serie A points to the financial auction, but PVC stops. Meanwhile, there is tension between the League and Sky: blocked the signal? | First page

Billions at stake, the game for the future of Serie A enters a new phase. The exclusive bond for dealing with the Cvc fund expired yesterday, in reality it had already lapsed for a while, since the Lega tables had received expressions of interest from other private equity, Bain and Advent. As the Corriere della Sera in the meeting on Tuesday the presidents will be called to express themselves not only on the most solid proposal but also if they marry a different business model compared to now, based on a company owned by one of the financial subjects with a multi-year agreement to sell the TV rights. The Serie A League thinks it has achieved the desired effect: a race to the top, but now it must collect.

The topic is hot, from CVC there will not be an improvement proposal compared to the 2.2 billion for a share of up to 20% of the Serie A. The former F1 owners and current investors in rugby do not intend to expose themselves further or reveal other details to the competition, their plan convinced some big clubs including AC Milan and a part of the small ones, also because it would have guaranteed the first injection of liquids by the summer. Without exclusivity, the (highest) cards of Bain will be discovered, assisted by the ex CEO of Milan Marco Fassone, and Advent. Already a couple in various affairs, the two funds: from the Nexi digital payment system to the interest in Telepass.

Meanwhile, the matter relating to the payment of the last installment of Sky (131 million) has not been resolved. The League has not sent new letters to Rogoredo and continues to await the provisional execution of the injunction issued by the Milan court. However, it seems that the wait is destined to go on still, maybe for a couple of weeks. Dazn and Img are committed to paying the first half of their last installment by Saturday, Sky continues to ask for a balance of payments, which is nothing more than a discount, while the presidents of A, now sure to complete the championship, do not want to grant it because they have not granted it to the other broadcasters. To shake – writes the Corriere dello Sport – you need a strong gesture or sport at the signal to Rogoredo: the League is ready to block it 6 days from the end or 12 Julyor. On that date the percentage of games conceded will be equal to the percentage of games paid, 83%.

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