Udinese, Gotti: ‘Not winning had become a nightmare, we were afraid’ VIDEO | A league

Luca Gotti, coach ofUdinese, spoke to the microphones of Sky Sport at the end of the game won 2-0 against Rome: “I had the perception that the team has grown over time, has remained healthy in a continuous process of improvement. This victory had been missing for too long. The fact of not winning for a long time had become a nightmare for me. Sometimes a team also needs the result tonic to see that it is on the right track. It is not easy to understand that you are on the right track if the results do not arrive. ”

ABOUT THE MATCH – “I liked the team until 1-0 and when we were eleven against eleven. When Roma had the least man, the fear of winning came. Elementary things were wrong. I didn’t like the second half of the first half. Then over time we realized that we could better manage the pitch and the situation became more peaceful “.

SU DE PAUL – “He is now ready for maximum competitions. The mezzala is his role because it allows him to exploit all his qualities. He is becoming more and more continuous, he is giving great signals from a mental point of view, growing step by step”.

ON FOFANA – “Like de Paul, I think that Fofana would also be ready for the Champions League or anyway. We are now playing the football season in the next three games, some energies had to be preserved. But in a game like this it is good to be able to put its characteristics in the race in progress “.

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