Udinese, the report cards of CM: Lasagna reborn, Musso is confirmed | A league

Udinese-Atalanta 2-3

Musso 7: several times prodigious during the first half. In the second half nothing can do with Muriel’s classic goal.

Ekong 5: Loses Zapata rather embarrassingly on the occasion of the guest advantage. Gotti takes it off midway through the second half.

(from 21 ‘s.t. Becao 5: enters and is immediately warned, giving the free kick from which the second guest advantage is born)

Nuytinck 6.5: he always finds himself ready on the opposing crosses, standing out in a rather safe way.

Samir 6: better during the first half, where he controls the advanced opponents.

Stryger Larsen 5.5
: in the first fraction he manages to push more, finding space between the nerazzurri shirts. In the second half, he only defends.

(from 37 ‘s.t. Ter Avest sv)

Walace 6: is the surprise in the starting line-up. In the Friulian median he does not disfigure, even if he has the ball on his feet several times for a possible advantage.

Jajalo 5.5: slows down the Friuli maneuver, does not affect the construction of the game.

(from 37 ‘s.t. Nestorovski sv)

Fofana 6.5: it is he who gives the assist of the momentary black and white draw. On the pitch there is and you can hear it.

Sema 6.5: in speed it is often relentless. It could point the man more often.

(from 21 ‘s.t. Zeegelaar 6.5: the cross with which Lasagna serves gives confidence to his team for the last few minutes. Enter well into the game)

Lasagna 7.5: he hadn’t seen him so sure for some time. The brace will serve to give him confidence for the future.

Teodorczyk 5.5: can’t make itself heard. It is often lost between the opposing shirts.

(from 26 ‘s.t. Okaka 6: does not have much time available. Try to create numerical superiority)

Att. Gotti 6: field the most suitable formation, but he leaves the field with zero points in his pocket, in a not completely deserved way.

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