Verona, Juric: ‘Clear ideas, also for the future. Inter? In the first leg it was the team that made us suffer the most, but … ‘| A league

The technician ofHellas Verona Ivan Juric presents the challenge with theInter: “Brescia’s misstep? The game must be analyzed as a whole and I think that in the first half, the team did everything they had to do, playing football well, pulling and getting a lot of corner kicks, unfortunately not concretized On the other hand, in the second half we entered in a different way, less concentrated, and we paid. If the race gave me further indications on the future? Not further than what I already had: I have very clear ideas about both this year and the future. How’s the team doing? In this period we can’t even talk about real trainings, but only about recovery work between one race and the next. I want to underline the fact that the boys are doing something wonderful, going beyond the fatigue and injuries. A commendable attitude that also belongs to those who know that he will no longer be here in a few weeks. The level of attachment to the team is incredible. Inter? In the first leg it was the team that made us suffer the most, I know no clearly very strong. I am not looking for excuses, we will try to do our race with the usual mentality. I want a Verona always motivated, I don’t admit other attitudes: we will always give our best, I can guarantee this. We will have to play with the spirit-Hellas. Then there may be problems, injuries, disqualifications, but on the rest I do not admit voltage drops. Amrabat? He always goes beyond the limit of physical suffering and has made several consecutive games at impressive rates. Did Salcedo and Pessina spend nice words about me? I have a good relationship with everyone, but before the emotional aspect you need to be professional with footballers: I think so. Salcedo is very young, he has to grow and he must be gradually inserted into the rotations “, he reports

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